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({RTD} alecto) #803

dat green one… it looks so good

(Erik Kerber ) #804

Dat blue and purple one


Dang looks like most are gone already

(G2 Jake) #806

Yep. AL7 were gone right away. Just a few OG left now for the final fun.


Disappointing but probably better for the bank account


you guys making more quakes anytime soon?

(G2 Jake) #809

It’s in the list, but it won’t be for a while.

(G2 Jake) #810

That rush of excitement you had after you successfully pulled off your first bind. After hours of practice, and many frustrating attempts, you managed to land that first Hidemasa Hook, that first Brent Stole, that first Yuuki Slack, that first… When was the last time you got that excited about yoyoing? When was the last time you were in awe, obsessed even, with this little toy we call the Yo-Yo? G Squared YoYos is focused on bringing you back to that feeling! Enter The Marvel!


sweet logo, sweet name, sweet everything. Can’t wait!

(G2 Jake) #812

We are proud to finally show you the first look at the production Marvel! This design has taken us nearly a year to perfect! Our goal for the Marvel was to create a yoyo that would reignite the sense of awe that drew us all into this hobby and sport.

The design of the Marvel cannot be described by a generic shape class. We used attributes from all 3 major shapes—organic, v, and h—to create something with unparalleled comfort. With this release, we also wanted to offer a design that would cater to finger spin tricks. Along with the concave cup, we used an undercut, which offers a lower center weight for a greater overall playability.

Put all these elements together and you have our perfect “everyday throw”, competition inspired while remaining comfortable and fun!

Diameter: 55mm
• Width: 44.12mm
• Gap: 4.33mm
• Weight: 66.2 grams
• Response: G Grips
• Bearing: Size C – BOSS Wrath and BOSS Rage


Ohhh I remember trying this at Nor-cal. I love it!


Looks bomb. Might be my first Gsquared.


That looks freakin’ sweet.

The ano “tattoo” vs. engraving is awesome as well. Won’t interfere with fingerspins yet adds the branding and classy logo to the middle!


The ring with the logo in the center reminds me of a superhero shield

(G2 Jake) #817

Thanks Greg.

I’ve never been a fan of engravings, but after testing the ano branding I think I’ll be doing it more. I was pleasantly surprised.

(G2 Jake) #818

Hmmm maybe I can work with that…

({RTD} alecto) #819

hey jake why not put the super gsquared symbol in the middle…


I really like the marvel logo. I’d buy this one right now if I could

(G2 Jake) #821

Maybe for a special edition!


Agreed. This looks like an absolute beast.