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A few minutes ago, i say a commercial for fusigi (not if i spelled that right). Bascially, it’s contact juggling commercialized. So what do you think? Is this the start of a contact juggling boom?
I’ll try to post the commercial later.


Yeah, I saw it too. I think it is good for skill toys to be commercialized. People will think it is cool, try it, and try other skill toys as well. Btw, here is the commercial.

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yah thats the one, i was kinda surprised it was contact juggling, i thought spin tops or something would be commercialed first. But still, a good thing. Plus, i heard good contact juggling balls cost like $60, and that costs $20… does anyone know if it’s just as good?


I feel it’s going to be a scam.
The crappy spheres are Polycarbs, Acrylics are the best.

Now you can get a decent 100mm Acrylic for about 40 bucks. And the pure with no imperfection clears can be 70-80 bucks.

Now the spheres for Contact juggling range from 2.5" up to 4" (100mm) on average. And they can come in many cool colors, and be clear or solids. Look here at this site, it’s where I get many of my juggling supplies.


Now I feel this commercial is misrepresenting the art. They are saying it’s basically magic, and not outlining that it takes many hours of practice to properly isolate. Heck, the ones in the video are doing crappy isolations. I was able to pull that off after a few months os screwing around with it. But it took me years to get to some decent isolation and control.

I know many people will be getting that to find they have low end polycarbs that will crack like an egg the first time they hit a hard surface. And also find that it’s not as easy as they claim in the commercial.

www.contactjuggling.org is a great place to start and a great and helpful community.

Here are some isolation wizards…Ryan and Dawn.

Many of the forum members compiled into a single vid by site admins…


Yeah, I know that the “fushigi” is a bust. But, it will bring people into juggling and skill toys.


It really is just like a glass ball that they try to make look cool, because they want to make more money with this, but I bet it’s lame, or not. How do I know, I haven’t tried it. But that’s the way it usually goes. :wink:

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I actually heard theyr’e good.


Then what are they besides a clear glass ball?

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That’s pretty much it.


OK, It’s a glass ball! LOL!


it is a waste of money. buy a yoyo instead