funny joke

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please dont take this offensive anyone.
if it is inappropriate tell me and ill remove it
i don’t think it is though

ok 100 englishmen went to an “englishmen are not stupid” event
the portuguese man running the event said, “ok now, send your smartest man down!”
the englishmen sent down their smartest man.
the portuguese man asked, “whats 7+4?”
the englishman said, “2?’”’
oh im so sorry" said the portuguese man
the other 99 people screamed “give em another chance give em another chance!”
the portuguese man said ok and asked “what is 3 + 2”?
the englishman said “12”’
the 99 people yelled, give him other chance give him another chance!
the portuguese man said “ok here is your last chance”
“what is 4+ 1”
the englishman replied “5?”
the 99 people yelled, Give him another chance give him another chance" :stuck_out_tongue:

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fun hater!

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Is it just me or are there like 50 differant joke/riddle threads, The jokes pretty good though…

I got one for you, where did General Washington keep his Armys? IN HIS SLEEVIES!




Lol, that’s a really funny joke.

I don’t think it’s inapropriate either.

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