Funny chat with yoyobot.


I tried speaking gangster with the bot, and this is what happened:

[smartboy3456] 2:53 pm: shut down
[YoYo Bot] 2:53 pm: Your crude attempt to terminate me will not succeed puny human.
[smartboy3456] 2:53 pm: shut up foo
[YoYo Bot] 2:53 pm: OK I’ll stop talking now.
[smartboy3456] 2:53 pm: you be trippin’ foo?
[YoYo Bot] 2:53 pm: OK I will try to be trippinapos; foo foo foo foo



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Why is there a poll on this thread?


Who is yoyobot I chatted with him one time and he was CRAZY!

(M²) #5

it’s a computer program