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Lately I have been craving a laugh and so yeah. Please post a vid that really makes you laugh. Then the next person rates that vid 1-10 and posts another vid. If 3 days passes before someone post another one the last person who posted wins (this is just to keep the thread going). Please keep it appropriate. I’ll start.



Next time put up a little vulgarity warning. Good thing the embedding is disabled.

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ok lol. Just remember to keep it appropriate and rate the video before you.

So I give that a vid a 6 because it was funny but kinda inappropriate.

This vid was originally post by mattlightning in the post a random video thread, but it was so funny I am posting it here.


sorry I can’t embed it.

here’s my submission:

This person should be president.



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too funny


This one always makes me laugh.  My boss and I were having a discussion about why black men don’t go in the woods at night, and why you don’t scare a black man (he ironically is a very large and intimidating black man).