Fun Flash Games


lol Share fun flash games here! Not MMORPG’s, just flash games.

Don’t just give a website with 10000 games, recommend which games we should play  ;D

I like these obstacle course based games.
It looks easy, but its hard, and fun. Its very possible, i did it several times.

I also seem to like dodge based games.
This is hard, because of your legs:
I really like this, because of the music, and the ease of control. The lasers are also very random and fun to dodge.
Also like this. Its very pointless, has bad music imho, but is still fun.

This game is epic.

Ahh yes, this game is really fun after you memorised the answers  ;D

So if you have any nice flash games that you play, share them with us! Oh and btw, please tell me if you know anymore obstacle course based games  ;D

(Cinimod105) #2
This game is nice as it can help you to let off stress.

(Shisaki) #3

too lazy to find the link but go to and search age of war. It’s EPIC!

#4 find portal flash version.

I think kim might like this

I beat it! :smiley:


That game is fun. But it didn’t save my game.

(Cinimod105) #6


wtf go with line rider

(JM) #8

I warn you, it’s addicting.

For you iPhone/iPod Touch users, they have a version at the iTunes store too.


ok that one is fun