FT/FS: OneDrop, Yomega, Yoyojam, Dif-e-Yo, Cold Metal

(Sergey) #1

For some reason i`m unable to edit my old thread, i asked to delete it. So this is a new one.

I tried to set fair prices, depending on yoyo value and its condition. If you want to get them cheaper, send me an offer, let`s talk, but do not lowball.
Add $15 to stated prices for shipping. International shipping costs are biting here in Russia, sorry.
Mainly for sale. However, i may trade everything for one (maybe two) yoyo that will have equal value of all five yoyos. Hint - still looking for SPYY Radian Super Light and YYF 08 888 (raw one, C-size bearing).

What i have:
1.Cold Metal Ice Cream - raw - Oxidized / raw marks - $25
2.Dif-e-Yo Internal Turmoil - raw, factory satined - raw marks - $45
3.Yoyojam Speedmaker (swapped halves to recessed brakes on both sides) - some minimal damage, still spins OK for plastic yoyo - $10
4.OneDrop Benchmark V-shape (2013 series) - snowpocalypse - no damage - $50
5.Yomega Prodigy - black w/ yellow/white splash - no damage - $50

No boxes, except Internal Turmoil. Photos:

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(Victorian YoYos) #5

What is the blue in the rims of the turmoil?

(Sergey) #6

It is rubber weight rings, a thing that all Difs known by.

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(From the cranky old folks home) #8

I find it hard to believe people have to ask this. :upside_down_face:

(Victorian YoYos) #9

Don’t know anything about Dif-e-yo

(Sergey) #10

Nothing unbeleivable here, everyone in community once been novices and knew nothing.


The turmoil has recesses deep enough to silicone. I had one, wish I kept it.

(Sergey) #21

True. I filled them with silicone when pads worn out. If you miss it, you can buy mine :slight_smile:

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