FT/FS: OneDrop, Yomega, Yoyojam, C3, Dif-e-Yo, Cold Metal

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I tried to set fair prices, depending on yoyo and its condition. If you want to get them cheaper, send me an offer, let`s talk, but do not lowball :slight_smile: .
Add $15 to stated prices for shipping. International shipping costs are biting here in Russia, sorry.
Mainly for sale. Though looking to trade everything for one yoyo that will have equal value of all five yoyos. Still looking for SPYY Radian Super Light.

What i have:
1.Cold Metal Ice Cream - raw - Oxidized / raw marks - $25
2.Dif-e-Yo Internal Turmoil - raw, factory satined - raw marks - $45
3.Yoyojam Speedmaker (swapped halves to recessed brakes on both sides) - some minimal damage, still spins ok for plastic - $10
4.OneDrop Benchmark V-shape (2013 series) - snowpocalypse - no damage - $50
5.Yomega Prophecy - black w/ yellow/white splash - no damage - $50
C3yoyodesign Trident - SOLD

No boxes, except Internal Turmoil. You can also take everything for $150 (save $30).

Group photo (will take more upon request):

LF: yomega prodigy

Is the white one the OneDrop benchmark?

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No, this is Speedmaker.


In Ohio. United states

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Oh. Unfortunally there is nothing i can do in this case.

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