FS: YYJ, YYF, ILYY, OD, Throwdown, G2, CLYW

Figured I should sell some of the throws that don’t get played much and ones that I didn’t get on with.

A lot of these were bought second hand so they are all used unless stated otherwise. If you are interested in more info on them let me know and I can also take some better photos of the individual yoyos too. A lot of them have “offer” written by them, this is because I’m reluctant to get rid of them unless the price is right. All prices are negotiable and the worst I can say to an offer is no. I am also open for trades, see my want list below. I’ve never done a trade before, but I’m sure we can work something out together.

Shipping to the US will be $18 and UK buyers can send me a message for more shipping options.

On to the throws:

Duncan Bumblebee, good condition - $15
Metal Drifter, slight vibe - $20
Flying Squirrel - Offer

Onedrop Benchmark, few marks - $40
Dingo, mint - Offer
Prescription (didn’t like it, but a great throw) - Offer

Aoda Sunshine, smooth - $18
Aoda (unknown YoYo?), Good - $15

YYF Velocity, (older version) scuffs and slight fingernail vibe - $20
YYF 720, - $15
YYF 44 Clash special edition - Offer
YYF Severe, few dings - Offer

BC Spitfire, BC Phantom, BC “you in peace 1999”, BC international you festival Niagra falls - Offers on all of them

YYJ Classic, mint - $13
YYJ mini Motu, cracking on his but plays fine - Offer
YYJ 2x Sunset Trajectory, used - $30 for both or $16 each
YYJ Spinfactor HG, used - $35
YYJ Speedr, mint - Offer
YYJ Black Gold, used - Offer
YYJ Hitman, used - Offer

Kerrari, mint - $45
3yo3 Savannah, very vibey - Offer

Peter fish Dominator, good - $15
Yomega RBII, mint - $20
Need Show Boomerang, used - $13

ILYY Fury, ding - offer

Throwdown Lucha Libre, very hard to find - offer

ILYY Noctu Batman edition - Gone

CLYW x Onedrop Summit, has dings around the rims and has fingernail vibe but still got plenty of life left in it - offer

G2 Reaper in mint condition, smoothest yoyo I own, comes with box and drink holder - offer

Trades are welcome, offer away.

Want list:


Gorilla gone! Would trade them all for a Ti Peak!

Still plenty of throws that need new homes! Plus I need to save up for a Ti-Vayder!


Open to offers. Need these gone!

I want the yyf 44

Fancy a second hand yoyo?

Still lots of good throws to be had.

Added my Batman edition ILYY Noctu. Looking to trade a lot of this for a Ti-Peak




Still looking for that Ti-Peak. I’ll trade several for it.


Anyone trade for that illusive Ti-Peak?

Theres one on that Auction Site…But its really really Expensive…


Wow LOL $872.99 you weren’t kidding!


Yeah, I could probably get a couple made for that price!

The search continues…

Still searching for that Ti-Peak, get in touch so we can work something out.

Would you be interested in trading for a SPYY addiction?

Sorry but I already have an addiction. What are you interested in?

I’m vert intetested in the Noctu. I have a silver one already but have always wanted the Batman one. I’ve been trying to find the black and silver speck one too.

Sorry dude, but the Noctu has gone. Just updated the post.

I hope you find what you want eventually.

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