FS: Price Drop Today! G2, YYR, throwback YYF

(Mike Shay) #1

I have the following for sale. I’m not looking for any trades as of this time unless you have full frame Sony e-mount lens lol.

G2 Pelican Seafoam NMIB $100 / $90
Has a tiny little pin prick that’s barely visible and it doesn’t break ano. smooth.

G2 Wolf NMIB $100 / $90
Not sure the name of it but has 2 flat spots that blend in with the ano. Great color and is smooth.

G2 2018 elite brass MIB $120 / $110

YYR Draupnir $120 / $100
Has a few dings and scratches but is still buttery smooth.

Has 2 tiny pin pricks that do not break ano and are barely visible.

YYF Supernova Lite near mint $60 / $40
Has tiny little dots from keeping it for many years lol.

If you by the whole lot I’ll let it go for $475 / $400. My loss is your gain.

({John15}) #2

That wolf tho… :heart_eyes:

(Mike Shay) #3

Right?? It’s super nice.

(Mike Shay) #4

Bump that post.

(Mike Shay) #5

Bump for those beauties!

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Bump because why not?

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Bumpy bump bump

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Bump! Buyer flaked on the G2’s! Come and get them!

(Mike Shay) #9

Bump this up! Come swoop dem throws!

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Bump bump! Honestly people what’s up with the flakers? :joy::joy::joy:

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Bump because who does t like good stuff?

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Bump bump bump bump

(Mike Shay) #13

Bump I guess? Come by my stuff!

(Mike Shay) #14

Bump for today’s sale!


Damn I would so get that slepnir if I wasn’t saving up for PNWR. :joy:

(Mike Shay) #16

What a shame. It’s todays sale :man_shrugging:t3::wink: