FS: OYY, SPYY, Duncan, TMBR, other fixies and more(price drops)

Selling these to acquire additional holiday funds and condense my collection.

Prices include CONUS shipping as well as G&S fees.

Willing to entertain offers and bundle deals.

Not terribly interested in trading but I do have a few yoyos that would sway me:

-Spyy spyder in black or super hero edition
-TMBR eH Unknown or Oak preferred
-Duncan exit 8 in black
-Duncan Butterfly AL in black
-Bapezilla 2 with original SE
-Jakebullock Dunk or Slim Dunk in black

Please feel free to contact me for any questions, additional information, or pictures. :grinning:

For Sale:

Duncan Grasshopper gtx nmtbs $45 $40

TopYo Frozen YYE edition nmtbs $120 $110

Ohyesyo Lust has a pin prick and light anno scratches from previous owners pocket change $60 $55

Recess snack damage pictured $20 of free with $60+ purchase

Fallen 44 All Hallows’ Eve nmtbs $40

TMBR Oak Sullivan nmtbs $70 $65(I don’t actually wanna get rid of this one but I could really use the $ if it sells)

Caveman GO purple heart has a light dent that’s difficult to see $50 SOLD

Hildy bros currier purple heart has some small dents (not offensive ones but I was able to capture the worst of it in proper angle as pictured) $55 SOLD

TMBR Freemont cherry & BC Black bird No.19 combo.
Freemont has various nail marks and scratches from use as well as a 1 worn but usable cap from it being very tight out of box and black bird has various texture imperfections it came with. Both have box. $40 $35

SPYY X Save Deth Trainwreck 2 saw alot of use back in the day and the pictures show it. Will come with full ceramic flat bearing installed, extra pads, and a dif-e-yo kk bearing $75 $70


Price drops :money_mouth_face: