FS: G2 Direwolf AL7, CLYW 2018 Sasquatch, One Drop Yelets, YYF Metal Arrow Prototype

For a number of reasons I’ve decided to let a number of yoyos go. Will have more eventually, but starting with these. All prices include shipping. If you spend over $50 you get Priority Mail, under $50 First Class Mail.

Since people ignore the “No Trades” comment, this post includes the only trades I’m interested in.

G2 AL7 DireWolf - Black, mint condition, includes original box, extra bearing, pin and string, just like new - $100

CLYW 2018 Sasquatch- Gold, extremely small pin pricks in the catch zone - $65

YYF Prototype Metal Arrow - Raw scuffs that can be buffed out , slight vibe, cool yoyo just not for me. - $20

One Drop Yelets - newest run, minor dings, scuffs on the rims, includes original box - $40

Rain City Gamer - factory raw, slight vibe on fingernail test, includes case, extra response pads and LEGO fingerspin cup things - SOLD
Two Skillz Blasted FHZ - SOLD
G2 AL7 Wolf in Purple - SOLD
SF Cadence - Off market unless someone has an offer


That FHZ is AWESOME!!!

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It is! If I didn’t have a number of them from Two Skillz I’d hang on to it :slight_smile:



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These, along with a red first run CLYW Borealis are the only things I’d be interested in a trade. +/- cash where needed.

These are: Army Green One Drop Code 1, Green/Gold or all Green YYF VK, Wooly Markmont and CLYW Army Green Scout. As long as they don’t wobble I don’t care about condition too much.

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Get at me with some offers, fly fishing is an expensive habit :grin:



Ah! Now HERE’S a man with good tastes!!



Price drops

AL7 Wolf is SOLD

Gamer is Sold

Cleaned up my main post, will be retaking photos soon, possibly adding more.

Willing to do bundle deals if you buy more than one, or all of them!

bump again