FS/FT Two lists (8 and 9 yoyos) and Big Bundle. Update 13.01.2020

Two lists (Regular and Cheap), and a BIG BUNDLE. Please read carefully.
Update 13.01.2020:

  • Big Bundle changes.

Do not write replies in this thread! If you want to contact me - send me a PM, i will see it and respond much faster.
Shipping worldwide from Russia - $15 per one yoyo, in case of multiplies contact me, i need to calculate. Will take additional photos of particular yoyo on demand. I can accept trades, but i`d rather have cash for now.
Trade wants:
CLYW Arctic Circle 1 (Blizzard, Ash Berry)
CLYW Boy (Harrison Hurricane)
VsNYYYC TiVayder
SPYY Radian Super Light (RSL) - i could even buy it, if price will fit my expectations :smiley:

Alright, this is going to be one big piece, “out of sight, out of mind” one.
Total worth of all yoyos for sale in this whole post is $485 (combined lists, regular and cheap). I am offering them for $350 shipped anywhere worldwide. However, i am not responsible for any possible customs taxes, buy at your own risk :smiley: .
Price for bundle is final, there will be no more cuts for it (unless someone decide to shrink it and take some particular yoyos).
Every yoyo will be wrapped in bubblewrap and i will put all of them inside a big box with a lot of packing peanuts inside.
End of bundle details

Next, Regular list.
I tried to set fair prices. If you want to get them a bit cheaper in bundles, send me an offer, let`s talk.
Worst i could say is “no”.

1.Yomega Prodigy - $25moved to cheap list
2.SPYY Skyy Chaser (orange, C-size bearing, no box) - $60
3.HSpin NVx #233 (red/pink, no damage, no box) - $60
4.CLYW Bonfire (Flat black, no damage, no box) - $60
5.YYF CZM8 (purple, one microscopic silver dot on one rim, no box) - $25
6.OD Benchmark 2013 V-shape (snowpocalypse, no damage, no box) - $30
7.Dif-e-Yo Internal Turmoil (raw, factory satined, raw marks, with box) - $OLD
8.YYF Primo (green/black acid wash, no damage, no box) - $30
9.YYF 44 (blue/black acid wash, couple rubs, no box) - $20
10.YYF Skyline 2019 (sky blue, new, in never opened box) - $35

Last, but not least, Cheap list.
Take all list for $155 shipped anywhere worldwide. Singles will take $15 for shipping.

1.YYF Protostar (Gravitsky ed., noticeable vibe, no damage though) - $7
2.YYF Shutter (light blue, three dings, little vibe) - $20
3.YYF Supernova (black with silver dipper, some dings which blends into color, no vibe, no box) - $20
4.YYF Genesis (pink with silver splash, dings and rubs around rims, small pulse) - $20
5.YYF Genesis (red with silver splash, few microscopic rubs, small pulse) - $25
6.YYF Skyline (silver, no engravings) - $20
7.Cold Metal Ice Cream (raw, oxidized, raw marks, slight pulse) - $20
8.MagicYoyo Desperado N5 (light blue, two symmetrical dings, scratches on hub zone, no vibe) - $8
9.Yomega Prodigy (black with yellow/white splash, few small light lines, no box) - $25


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