FS/FT: CLYW, G2, YYF, YYR Rebellion


Looking to sell or trade the following. Payment is PayPal f&f (please include fee for g&s). Shipping in US is included, international pays difference. Elite swirls take priority, will do 2-for-1 for right offer.

FT: (please read)
CLYW Kodiak Snow Cone - Trade only, MIB. Perfect, plays amazing. Only looking for a Moonlight swirl G2 Elite

G2 2018 Chugjug Elite - Trade only, NMTBS. Like new. Looking for any G2 swirl, prefer darker colors.

G2 2018 Red vs. Blue Elite - Trade only, MIB. Like new. G2 swirls a priority, will consider an al7 G2.

G2 Pelican BAP Glitch - $75 MIB. Glitch for ano and fingernail vibe. All extras included.

YYF GenXS Blue/Purple - $40 MIB. Brand new out of the mystery box, unplayed.

YYF Overthrow Red w/ black rims - $45 MIB. Thrown once over carpet.

YYF Alta Pink w/ stainless rims - $65 MIB, unplayed.

YYR Rebellion Start The Riot Purple w/ gold rims- $75 NMTBS, slight vibe.


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