FS/FT: Breeze, Movitation, and More! LF: Canary and Sparrow!


WretchedRapture’s BST
Ships within the US only. Sorry, guys. Please message me with offers. All prices include shipping. Mainly looking to trade. Rushed these pics, and they came out a little dark. If you want a better look, let me know!

Wants List:
Deadly Spins Wrath (Purple and Blue w/ Green Splash Colorway Only)
Duncan Grasshopper GTX
Freshly Dirty Canary
Sengoku Hattori
GenYo Hat Trick
A-RT Sparrow
A-RT Grail
A-RT Quail

For Sale or Trade

Spin Dynamics Flow Near Mint $35 Shipped

C3 Movitation Two nicks as shown. Offer.

Hubless Bite Size Near mint $40 Shipped

TopYo Silenus Near Mint to be safe. $30 Shipped.

Good Life Breeze Near mint. Small scratch on rim. Mainly looking to trade this one. $100 shipped.



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Bump! Price drops on everything.

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All gone! Please archive!


More added! Don’t close!


Needs pics!


All set! I’ve been on and off the forums over the years, and I didn’t think photos were still necessary. I think they weren’t at some point? Or maybe I’m crazy. That’s also a possibility.


Would you want to buy something you’ve never seen a picture of? :thinking:

(David Hough) #12

PM sent







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Going to give this a little bumpity bump.

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Up and ups.

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(Patrick Dressel) #22

I saw this and thought the motivation was the Organic Mowl throw.

Still some nice throws. That hubless color is nice

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