FS (3 left): El Mijo Halfswap, Horizon, eXit 8, LF Delrin Gamer

Add $5 shipping, PayPal G&S included. CONUS only, please. I’m also be interested in trading for a RCS Delrin Gamer (probably any color), or another light weight modern responsive.

[Weekender sold]

Camou/Pink El Mijo, $55
Comes with all the original extras plus 2 sets of extra pads. The Camou side has a fair number of pin prick scratches, and the pink side orange color didn’t saturate all the way across the splashes. .

[Senban sold]

Galaxy Splash Horizon, $25
One small ding that breaks the annodization. It’s still very nearly dead smooth, tho. Really amazing for learning finger spins and it’s got a nice long stable spin for learning other tricks. I bought a black one, and then I impulse purchased this 3 months later because I liked the colorway, but I really don’t need 2 and the black one has way more damage.

Clear/black Duncan Exit 8, $50
There’s a really tiny scratch on one of the steel rings, and a couple places with small, nearly invisible dings in the aluminum. Really not sure how those happened.

I can provide closeups of the damage on request.


Weekender sold.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s a bump.

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I’d prefer to sell, but I might be open to a modern responsive trade. Maybe… RCS Delrin Gamer?

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These need a new home, and I could use some $$.



Not going fast, but they’re going…




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