FS: 1/1 Grail, MMN, Capstan, Bonfire, TopDeck (purple), CLYW Gorge, FH Mg - new yoyos added


Hi there everyone,

I have a couple of yoyo for sale. Please message me if you want more pictures or have any questions. I am not in the USA. The Project, Gorge, FH Mg are at a friends house in the USA. Prices include shipping.

For sale:

  1. A-rt, grail, purple galaxy powder coat, has a little vibe, offer.
  2. OD MMN, near mint condition with box, smooth, $125 shipped
  3. OD Project sold
  4. YYWS Capstan, red, comes with ultra-lights (not Anti-yo SEs pictured), with box $70 shipped
  5. CLYW Bonfire, one small damaged area, no box $30 shipped
  6. OD TopDeck couple of very minor scuffs, smooth $50 shipped
  7. CLYW Gorge, mint, with box, $70 shipped
  8. Duncan FH Mg, mint with box, $150 shipped

Here are the pictures:

A-rt, Grail


YYWS Capstan

CLYW Bonfire

OD TopDeck

CLYW Gorge

Duncan FH Mg


What did you get in the mail this week?

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