Freq.wav V.S. Burnside


So I’ve got another yoyo predicament here. If I don’t win any of the Operation GT yoyos I would like to either pick up a Burnside or a Freq.wav, so if anyone would be so kind as to point me in the right direction with nice constructive criticism on both, that would be more than appreciated.

Please and thank you! :slight_smile:


It depends what you want/like and want to spend.

The Burnside is solid, H-shape, very smooth and stable. It may be a “budget oriented” One Drop, but they didn’t cut any corners. This is fantastic and very recommended.

The Freq. Wave works better for me. The V-Shape gives you more catch zone. It’s also smooth, solid and stable, and with the inner rim being smooth, it’s good for those gyro spins, as well as a shape better suited for horizontal play. It’s cheaper to. I mean, seriously, amazing at a price that makes you wonder “is there a catch?”, and the answer is “no, just a massive catch zone”.

Both are great. Here’s my closing thoughts on both, as I have both:
The Freq. Wave was clearly designed with competition in mind. I think the Burnside was designed to be a great cost effective yoyo that is fine as a competitor, but competition was a close second, only being beaten by “killer performance at a more affordable price break”. You can compete with a Burnside and do very well with it. As I said, it’s a great yoyo. The Freq. Wave is a bit more versatile for 1A play due to it’s shape allowing for horizontal play easier. That’s what gives the Freq. Wave a big boost.

I like the Freq. Wave a bit more. But you’re not getting my Burnside off of me!


That was an extremely well thought out statement thank you. I can tell you like the freq.wav a lot and I like it myself too, I’m still open to all opinions, but you have made this tasty yoyo look all the more tasty.


The Burnside was my first all metal (unless you want to count the pocket pro zombie I got when I was like 10 and didn’t even use because I had no idea what I was doing) and I can’t recommend it enough. I have not played the Freq.Wav but I’m also interested trying it out one day. I’m by no means a great player, but what I’ve found is that the Burnside has a nice balance between float and solidity. It moves with presence but without pulling you around too much and being uncomfortable. It can move at just about any speed I can personally throw at it and never feels out of place or unstable. Another thing I find interesting about the Burnside is that while it is slightly on the heavier side of of the spectrum, you may not guess so while playing it because it hits the string with an elegance and gentleness about it, at least in my opinion. Last but not least, I have since then gone on to add a Chief, a Wrath, a Di Base, and plenty of other fantastic throws to my collection and I’ve yet to play with ANYTHING that even comes close to the smoothness of my Burnside. Quite honestly, I’m the kind of player that likes a teeny bit of vibe and feedback from my yoyo, and I find myself putting the Burnside down every so often simply because it is freakishly smooth and I can’t feel a thing when I play it.

With all of that goodness being said, the Freq.Wav shouldn’t be overlooked either. In the end it comes down to preference and RecRev puts out high quality reliable products at great prices. I have not played a Freq.Wav but I own a Facade and it is easily the most “powerful” yoyo in my collection. It doesn’t care what you do with it. You can do SloppyCombo5000, scrape the floor, and hit your hand a few times and it just doesn’t stop spinning. RecRev definitely has my respect.

Good luck with your choice! As my girlfriend always tells me, it’s not a matter of which one to get, its a matter of which one to get first. :wink:


I like that, this is now swaying me more in the other direction now. Ha ha