French Fries!


Do you like fries? I like fries.

(Mark) #2

Yes. I do. I like to make them myself.

(Jeromy K.) #3

The fries that come from Wing Stop are the best, fresh and seasoned just right. I also help install one in my area and I like the way that they do things.


Idon’t have a wing stop but I like fries my school has good fries but people ruin them by puting too much salt on them and I spirincle ::slight_smile:

(Connor) #5

yes, I like french fries, BUT i really like french fries that are homemade…by me :smiley:

(Emily) #6

i like french fries. i really like french fries from chick-fil-a


I like fries from McDonalds!

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #8

I’m with you. Where i live they have a place called Flip Flops and they make the BEST fries EVER MADE!


windys is pretty good too

(Raphael) #10

home made fries rock,
but i think 5 guys has the best


I need to go to the Wingstop in your town because the one we have here in Baton Rouge cannot make fries at all. I love their atomic hot wings but the fries to me always seem clammy. Just not enough crunch. Sad seeing that in Louisiana we fry just about everything, including twinkies, lol. Maybe they’re not using the right kind of potatoes, I don’t know. I like the fries that Rallys in New Orleans makes. They batter them before they fry em’. Very addictive.


HOLY SHIP!!! WHO DOESN’T LIKE FRIES !!!¿¿ I cant believe someone voted that he/she doesnt like fries :frowning:

(Cinimod105) #13

I like fries from my school.


I like fries, with ketchup and salt.