Free Signatures!!!


Hi I am giving free signatures to anyone who wants them. I know Spencer L. has made a topic like this but I want to make some for other people because I am always making myself ones and I always have to change them. I just want to jazz it up. I don’t make super cool signatures but all I can say is my current one is not my best. The one that says “Speedmaker+Speeder+Meteor =YoYo heaven!!!” So just PM me with your yoyo, some colors, and a phrase or a name you want on there-or both. I can only put one yoyo on a sig, and I can not guarantee that it will be the same color as yours. I am not very good at this- I can’t cut out the yoyo from the background, so if you want a… say 888 in your sig, and a green background, but the 888 image I get has a white background, then your sig will have green background for one part, then a white square with the 888 in the middle. So, just PM me with-yoyo, 2 colors, and a phrase and/or a name you want on it. I will do my best!


You should download some image editing software like, Gimp or Photoshop. That way, you can remove the background.

(JayVee) #3

You should be able to remove a white background in MS Paint. Just make sure you paste the picture before coloring in the background. Or you can make the yo-yo’s white background transparent.




Well doesn’t anyone want a signature, just to give me a chance?


dcgreen97 helped me make my siggy.

(winterjibber) #7

i want one


Bump. Hehe…


If people want a sig, they ask for it. You don’t need to say that you are making sigs for them. Have you considered using Paint.Net to remove the backgrounds of the yoyos yet? You really should, because those will really make your sigs look better.


I downloaded Paint. net and I asked someone how to start it and stuff but they said it was complicated, so I would use it, but I don’t know how to get it up. But I can’t start it right now I am at my grandma’s on a different computer.


I’m happy with bannerfans, even though people hate it, because it’s simple, and it hardly takes any time to make a sig.


would adobie photoshop work except i just save it in a different format?


Yes. Photoshop would be great! ;D

(JM) #14

Make sure you save the filetype as .jpeg or .gif and not as .PSD