Free Signatures!


Hey guys,

A lot of people here want cool signatures. So, PM me with the yoyo/name/saying you want on it, and I’ll PM you back the code to put in your signature! Sounds cool, huh? The maximum waiting time would be a week, depending on the amount of people I get.

Spencer L. :slight_smile:


Cool thanks for offering to do this. I sent you a PM. :wink:


Anyone else?!? Come-on! They’re FREE!!!


how free are they?


Ummmmm, if it says free, it must be free. Yes, no cost. Tell me what you’d like.


I’d love to, but i don’t have a yoyo. will you still be doing this later? if you are i’ll PM you a pic and everything else when i get it.


You don’t have to get a picture. I can get them on here. Just tell me what you want, I’ll take care of it.


Whats pm?


Ok, i’ll PM you. thanks.


Personal message.


Come on, guys! I need more people than this!!! WHO WANTS A FREE SIGNATURE?


I want a free sig! I want a free sig! I PM’ed you Spencer.


Don’t you already have one? ???


Haha. I guess he did. ;D


Yeah, but Spencer changes his all the time.