Freds NEW Video!



LOOOLLL i hate that orange >:( ! hahahah


Am I the only one who doesn’t think Fred is funny?


I Second this.


No, I can’t stand him either…

(M²) #6

here here!


Same. I much prefer Ryan Higa over him.

(SR) #8

I hate Fred so much. I don’t how a kid who makes videos with a weird voice get’s the most views on youtube. It’s stupid.


Actually Fred is #2 on youtube becaue Ryan Higa surpassed him and now has over 2 million subscribers. I prefer =3 (raywilliamjohnson) , Ryan Higa, Smosh (when they were good), kevjumba, and davedays. But lets not have this become a hate on Fred thread.


=3 is unfunny and stupid imo.

It’sKingslyB***h is the best thing on Youtube to date imo.


Two camels in a tiny car. :wink:


Sorry, but I hate him too. He’s taking over Youtube when yoyoing should!


I dont have anything against him. I’m just not a fan. He seems like an cool kid in general. The whole voice thing is just for publicity. It’s not like he talks that fast (and probably doesn’t act that weird) in real life.


Fred videos used to be kinda funny. But he took it way too far. I guess he’s like 19 in real life.


Man, Chad Vader is funny. Fred is not.


yeh fred is simply retardted now nigahiga,raywilliamjohsnn,smosh,annoying orange,chad vader there all funy hes just stupid