Forum game!


This Forum Game may take you to do a quick Research. Its about Yoyo Contests and History. Somebody asks a question like:

(Question) Who was the California State Yoyo Champion of 2010?

And then, somebody would awnser, and then make up their own question:

(Answer) What Year was the Yoyojam X-Convict Made?

And somebody would awnser that, and it would just keep on going. Again, Some questions might have to take some Research to Answer.

Here is the real Question:

Who got 13th Place at the Virginia State Yoyo Contest 2010?


Matt Kubota and Cody Wright. I’m going to take a wild guess and say you’re Cody and you didn’t think that the ladder had 13 people. ;D

Who got 2nd in 1A at Worlds 2003?

(Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger) #3


Do i have any care?


Brent Dellinger
Who got 3rd at the 2006 yoyo contest in 1A?


which contest?


Oh woops. :stuck_out_tongue: The world yoyo contest.