For the people who are close to High School...

(Johnny T) #1

Well…since some people here are going to High School like Kim-Lan might stop yo-yoing. Do you guys have any thoughts of stoping to yo-yo due to mental or social life? I just want to know. ???


I don’t see why I would stop yo-yoing because of high school. Care to elaborate on your thoughts about this?

(Yo!It'sMatt) #3

No wayyy.
I’m going to high school soon and i’m going to continue to keep yoyoing!
I might not bring it out all the time, but yeah!


Nothing will get in my way between the yo and the… well, I’ll find something!


Once again, do your school work, then yoyo. There are many people in college and High School that do still yoyo. They might not be able to do it as much, but they still do it. Take David Ung for instance, he says he rarely has time to throw during exams and such, but hes still yoyoing. In addition, look at André. Hes probably the most busy out of all of us, and he still maintains it. If you can’t balance your school work, then yoyoing is going to be extremely hard for you.


Aw. Man! That explains my signature.


Crazygoofy, where are you?
He’s in college, just came out of high school, and still yoyos…

(_|@<06) #8

Im in high school and i still yoyo, dont intend to stop :wink: remember: those who laugh are just jealous!


I think he had trouble wish his grades in Middle School and High School is “Harder” on the Tests and such. I am going into 7th grade so I can’t exactly help but I am bracing myself to not even yo-yo for a day or maybe even 3.

I have thought of quitting. Actually, I have a ton of thoughts of quitting. But then I just step away from throwing for a while and just find something else to do. I have had to much homework and never had time to throw and I almost thought of quitting and basicly did. (In the time zone of June 1-9th) There was a ton on tests that week and I was extremely frusterated. I think I honestly only picked up my yo-yo three or four times that week. Towrds the end of school I just decided to put off my Homework until later and just started to throw and it made me feel better. So don’t quit if you think you might “Have to”.

I don’t really miss much Social Events because of yo-yoing but I am sort of an outcast of what I do. I still have a ton of friends but I kinda turn into a “Nerd” when I pull out my 888 or whatnot. This doesn’t bother me at all, I do what I like and I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. I don’t have a ton of Social events with my friends while they may have more but I have never missed an event for yo-yoing. I mean I have had 2 yo-yoing things since I started yo-yoing: MN states, and MWR, neither of which have stopped me from doing any kind of event.


But I was in 6th grade ;D


I’m going into 7th grade too!

(JM) #11

I’m almost done with College here, and I still find the time to Yo. Just make sure you understand that Yo Yoing isnt top priority.

(JayVee) #12

I’ve never had thoughts of quitting, though I’ve always wanted to stop throwing as often. I used to spend around 2-3 hours a day throwing on a regular day when I first started. Now I’m just spending a little less than 1-2 hours, enough to give me time to maintain a school average of an A.

Well, I’ve never had much trouble balancing all of these and yo-yoing. I usually yo-yo when I have nothing better to do, making things move along when it seems slow.

(J. Lev) #13

Halfway through high school… been chugging away so far.

(Mitch) #14

Im going to be in 11th grade this upcoming school year, and I yoyo ALOT… Probably 2-4 hours a day. I used to yoyo in gym all the time, the gym had to be shared by two gym classes so there was alot of turn taking, so I yoyo’ed in the down time…

Im in marching band, and there was always about 15-30 minutes between the time school ended and practice started, that was 15-30 minutes of me yoyoing.

When I hang out with my friends I yoyo. I yoyo’d in line at disney world during my band trip, I yoyo’d at the mall, was pretty neat, had a couple of people watching, I’ve even yoyo’d at the pool, man the little kids flip… I was about to leave and they asked me to do a trick so theres one called the sky rocket or somthing, (Im sure you all know what Im talking about) So I tighted my dm and launched it and caught it in my bag. As long as you can yoyo and talk you can keep your social life together.

I yoyo’d after finals last year, it was the last day of school and we had an hour before we could leave so I yoyo’d and my science teacher talked about gyroscopes and stuff. It was neat.

As long as you keep your responsibilities in check your fine, (I also hold down a part time job, ((I do yoyo while Im on break though)))

So Im going to finish one with one thing…

Revolve the yoyo around your life, not your life around the yoyo.


I would be going In to high school but I’m home schooled so I don’t really have any of these problems. :smiley:


im in high school and i pretty much started yoying in school… they know me as the “kid with the yoyo”
and i got a couple of people into yoyoing also! :]

i dont think im going to stop yoyoing because of moving up a grade… or growing up :]

(Marc) #17

I started yoyoing at the same time I started yoyoing and I find alot of down time waiting for classes to yoyo. Even some of the random other college students get as amazed as the little kids I yoyo in front of. Basically just keep your grades in check and you’ll be fine


Going to be in Ninth Grade.

Believe it or not, High Schoolers will enjoy yo-yoing more because they were kids in the era of the 90’s when the yo-yo was a semi-popular fad. They still make fun of you but a lot less will in High School.

Those who laugh at you have no Awesome talent. No intention of stopping. Most pros started in or before High School and they’re still throwing today!


Matt, bring your yoyo on the first day of school with me so I won’t look like the only person in the school yoyoing