For Sale Rare CLYW OG BvM $75 - also available Glow Arrow and Horizon


Prices include shipping to USA - add $2 for Paypal or send funds F&F:

Pics here:

Original CLYW BvM - $75 - this was a B-grade for ano flaws - some small spots and a large area of missed color on a rim (pictured). Some scuffs and dings (pictured). Tiny fingernail vibe but plays super fun. No box. More pics in the album link above to show all damage.


YYF Glow Metal Arrow - $20 - Tiniest of fingernail vibes. No box but it’s minty fresh - picked it up right when they went up for sale but I have just way too many others and this got thrown maybe 5 times. Didn’t keep the box on this one.


YYF Horizon - $25 - Can barely feel the tiniest fingernail vibe on this one - so close to dead smooth. No box.


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