For Sale G2, C3, YYF, etc

Left to Right:

Top Row:

YYO Rave

Yotricks Civility

YYF Bimetal Shutter

C3 Electric Flash

Middle Row:


YYF Cyborg

C3 M.O.V.E.

Bottom Row:

G2 casefile 002

C3 Dymension

Sengoku Bakemono

For sale only, currently only shipping to the US. Open to offers

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Would you like to price them out? I like that civility!

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Honestly I’ve been out of the yoyo world for a while and I’m not real sure what each are worth at this point. Just kinda taking offers and going from there.

The civility is a fantastic yoyo. It is half red and half black


Hey could you mail that civility to Australia

I’d have to get a price for the shipping and see how much that would cost

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I would b interested if the price was reasonable. Ive heard good things about them

They are very good. It has a great feel to it.

I can get a shipping estimate

I wouldnt like to pay too much for it though. I was thinkiny 45 us