(Cinimod105) #1

What kind of food do you like, why and how often do you eat them?

(JonasK) #2

Sugar. All day.


I can’t get enough of those Starburst fruitchew jellybeans.


did u know that in Englad starburst used to be called opelfruits! haha! (in the case that they were called that evry were never mind! lol)
back on track…SUBWAY!!! how awesome can a sandwich get? lol


Nothing… just the edible kind. Every day X3


I like edible food that is not poisonous. I eat it everyday, about 3 times a day.


if it has a face and i can deep fry it then i eat it …except people… kind of >.>

usually about 4 times a day


Junk food,5 times a week


I have a Problem—


The best ever. I eat like 8409698732 packs a week.



Which reminds me I need to stock up on Warheads candy. Nothing beats suckering someone into trying it for the first time hehe.


I enjoy edible food, because it serves as a necessity for my well-being. I usually eat edible food several times a day.


I like frozen apricot juice. I mix the juice with water, freeze it, then slowly turn it into a slushy with a steak knife and a spoon. That’s almost food, or it was before it got turned into juice.


100% Peanut Butter. 100% of the time.

(Jeromy K.) #14

Chicken fried steak over hashbrowns with sasage grave with 2 eggs over eazy, I get it maby twice a year

(Mikey) #15

pasta!!! starbursts!!! 1 more thing… yoyos!!! u no, eat sleep and breathe yoyos!

(Cinimod105) #16

Seaweed tastes nice too.


Ok cracker barrel

I like ( almost) everything, and I eat it all the time