flame wars???


So I was reading the aquarius caps section on yoyo general talk and everyone was getting into arguments. People then started calling the arguments “flame wars”. I was wonderig what “flamewars” had to do with arguements.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #2

Flame wars are arguments over the internets pretty much.


ok, but why are they called flame wars?

(Myre) #4

When you say something on a forum specifically to offend another member, it’s called a flame.

So, flame wars are when people start saying things to each other just to make someone angry, or by getting defensive, or to prove a point (which isn’t a great way to do that, might I add), etc.


(Shisaki) #6

I would remove the vid, the beggining might be a bit innapropriate ;).

(Mitch) #7

The vid was funny but very mature… alot of words some of the younger kids on the site shouldn’t hear…

Flamewars… Hate to say it but the video has it down…

to “Flame” some one is to harrass, diss, make a rude comment, ect ect… Now alot of times because of the saftey of the PC and not having a true confrontation people like to be meaner than each other… So they “Flame” back… And because of the same previous complex of private internet safty the “Flame” comments start to fly causeing a flame war… or pretty much who can be the meanest…