Wow, I am so excited! I just ordered my first metal yoyo! I got a teel and blue BOSS! I can’t wait 'till it comes in the mail! ;D ;D ;D

I really like the “Grin” emote…


Congrats on that. You’ll like it. I just bought mine recently, maybe two weeks ago.

I got the same color as you. I rather like the color. It looks different in person than on the internet. And for me that’s a good thing. The rims really aren’t nearly as blueish as they look on the screen. It’s closer to green in person. The centers are blue though. But anyway, I think it looks good.

I never liked thumb grinds before. They looked cool, but I didn’t like doing them. I love them now. The BOSS makes doing thumb grinds so easy that I’m not sure it should even count as a trick. The same goes for grinds. This is the first yoyo I’ve had that would just sit and spin in the palm of my hand.

Hope you enjoy yours as much as I am mine.


Yeah, I noticed the greenish color on a different picture, and I assumed it was the same one as here, which it is. So I ordered it from here yesterday, and it shipped last night, which I thought was really fast! ;D

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im guessing you mean all metal because the dm is a metal. anyways mine was an 888. got it yesterday. it should be there now or tomorrow


my first was a bully, it is now one of 2

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lol, the meaning of this post has completely changed. :smiley:

My BOSS was in the mail all of Saturday, and I ordered it on Thursday. I was at a soccer tournament on Saturday, and when I got home, I didn’t even think to check the mailbox, because it had only been 2 days. I finally snatched it out of the mailbox on Sunday, mad at myself for making it camp out overnight in my mailbox… ;D ;D


So how do you like it?