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Hey guys, just wondering- where’d you guys find out about YoYoExpert? I found out from yoyo13, but its not really on the front pages of Google, so I’m just curious how you guys came across it. I mean, I’m so happy I found out- YoYoExpert is the BEST yoyo site. And its run by Andre Boulay, who’s on of my fav yoyoers. :smiley:

But I’m still curious.


I’m the person who introduced YYE to YYN. ::slight_smile:

I got here from


I was looking for a DM


I remember when I e-mailed André for trick help. He gave me a link to the trick here. I saw this site, and I gave the link to people at YYN. I only used this site for the tricks. Then Kim-Lan gave me a link to a discussion. I joined, and well, as you can tell - I never left :wink:


Actulay on youtube and stuff on yoyo videos, it YYE advertised there. Search “Yo-Yo Store” and YYE will come up or just yoyo and on the righ tit’ll come up. But I was on the YYJ forums for a bit, learned from mastermagic, and got here from there!!


Well my friends said they learn all their tricks here and I just wanted to see if I liked the forums…

and I


I emailed Andre to thank him for the instructional videos (same videos here) on expert village. I also asked him about a restock of DM’s on YYN, and he referred me to this site. I immediately noticed how professional the site looked, that it had its own store/forum, as well as the very same wonderful videos that I had been learning from on expert village. I joined and was hooked immediately.

(Mark) #8

I found out about this site via Expert Village. I wanted to find the site that had this in actual order instead of a messy pile of videos. I found this site and I’m glad I did! The community is great!


Except that “Samad” kid. Wins all our chat nights, and posts too much.

Guys, lets run him outta YYE!


I agree! 100%! Let’s do it! ;D

(Mark) #11

Everyone have their spiked/flaming yoyos ready?

(Marc) #12

I found it that way to :slight_smile:


My friend was looking for a dark magic and I saw the forum

(JonasK) #14

I actually googled something with yoyo and this store popped up.


YAY Im famous…(a little bit???..please!!!)

my sister found some old yoyo and started playing with it and then a week later our mom decided to order yoyos for us and we googled and yye came up first :wink: