FFXIII Tomorrow Night!!

(PutridNebula) #1

w00t I am stoked, I am going to the Pre-Order gathering at my local Gamestop tomorrow night to pick up Final Fantasy XIII, anyone else pre-order it, are you gonna buy it? What are your expectations? Discuss. :smiley:

(PutridNebula) #2

Wow, really no one? Huh, that surprises me.

(JM) #3

I would be much more excited if it was in a true HD resolution for the Xbox. But no. We get 576p and compressed CGI files.

(PutridNebula) #4

Well, I will say one thing, it is magnificent graphically, and while I was at Gamestop picking it up I saw the opening movie being played on an HDMI TV and it was worth drooling over, I am only a few hours into the game and I am actually pretty impressed, the combat system flows together nicely while still giving the option to think if need be. There are a few things I would change but I don’t think I will do a review of the game :stuck_out_tongue: Anyhow, gorgeous and fun, sounds like a long night/morning for me.


I’m going to get it in about an hour, then to my friend’s house for a party/hangout thing with halo risk, ffxiii and all kinda of fun stuff.

(PutridNebula) #6

So, how do you like it and what Chapter are you on?