FB rant 17+ mature content


I hate these idiots on facebook who can’t bother to type…
Mature content, you have been warned…also, the contents of the conversation may scar you for life…

Alexandra Lopes
ohemgee ; juss remembered dhaat ehhts ninee - eleveen . . . honesstly i feel HORRIBLE knowinn dhaat peoplee havee dieed , nohht only dhaat buhht knowinn dhaat thosee peoplee had familess annd frum dhee bottom of maah heaart i feel bahd four dhemm . peoplee who dunn caree yhuu musst realLy bhee heartless tuuh nohht caree abouut otheer peopless livess , juss act as eff ehht wuss yhuu . how yhuu feel now ?

Alexandra Lopes thankss desiree (:

Desiree Charlene Pulli Your welcome Alex :]

Boguslawjan Mika and you couldn’t even spell right to show your respects?

Alexandra Lopes uhmm , i dunn need tuuh writee proper , ehhts only facebook noht dhee mcas .

Jerry Rodriguez ‎, (i kno i am late but…) yoo kid wat eva ya name iz wgaf if she spelled riqht or not?? lyk ihts a social network 2 express ya self and write how u wnt so plz jusz qet out cuz no 1 rlly cares how a person riqhts on a social network atleast she showed her respects by rememberin and writin how she feels bout da situation soo yeaa jusz qet out :slight_smile:

Boguslawjan Mika its called respect, you should at least take the care to give the dead a proper gratitude.Get out of the 'Hood" and start acting like you have some sense.

Jerry Rodriguez iht’s a f****** social network iht doesn’t matter if ya writeen proper or not cuz ya stil showin respect and jusz cuz u write in slanq don’t mean tht yu in da hood iiqht and if ya writin in slanq iht don’t mean yu dnt hav sense so idk wat u tlkin bout O___o

Alexandra Lopes lmaao , jerry iss rigght annd alsoo i livee in dorchester i dunn thinnk ehht iss possiblee tuuh leavee thee hood , lykee hee sedd ehhts a sociaL networkk , atleasst i took thee tymee tuuh writee abouut theem , i couuld havee writtinn aboout penguinn launcherss buhht NO , i took thee fuhckinn tymee ouht of mhyy daih tuuh writee abouut themm , nohht tuuh bhee talkinn abouut somethinn retardedd lykee thiss piecee of bullshitt yhuu calL ann argumennt . . . -___-

Boguslawjan Mika
I am done playing with you people. Get your heads out of your butts and listen up. I don’t care if its “Thee besttesttt socialistttt comuneecations site evarrrrr”. you people are acting like idiots. Is it really that hard to write “the” Ins…tead of “deeeeeee”? Actually, it takes less effort to type properly. I dont care how you talk with your “Gangsta buddies”, 9/11 was a serious event, by typeeingggg likeeee thtthesss, you are showing disrespect. Typing like a retard about how " I feel bahd four dehmm" is the same thing as going to your friend’s mother’s funeral and singing “The witch is dead, the witch is dead!” Seriously, when you type like that, not only is it damn annoying to read, you actually have to pay attention to how you press the keys. I can type like this without looking at the keyboard, while you fools have to look at the keyboard to make mistakes…

think about that, see you guys in hell…

can you guess who I was?

(DOGS) #2

okay what




exactly my point

can you read my posts?

these children say its easier to talk like retards…it takes less effort to type normaly…

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I don’t find this funny

EDIT: If humor was your goal. I honestly can’t tell


nah, it wasn’t a shot at humor, it was a shot at showing you guys the crap that children type these days, Perhaps I should supply a back-story (so sit right there, ill tell you how I became price of a town called…anger)

it was the day of 9-11, tragedy, yet this joker thinks its funny to type up some crap about 9-11 that nobody can understand. I come in as Mr. grammar nazi and tell her to at least spell correctly. Then they get offended, and I become a full blown grammar nazi…

I just had to share the shenanigans I get into…whats your guy’s take on this?

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Pff, my take on this is “Meh”

Argueing with an idiot is a rat race. You can win, but you’re still a rat.


I won so im a rat with a yoyo…

well, time to lock em up…