favorites FORUM GAME!


This is a forum game (duh!) I will ask you a question: What is your favorite something? You will answer and ask another question. You get to know about each other and ask stupid question.
What’s your favorite way to make a little girl scream?


Never been in a situation where I had to make a little girl scream, but I guess jump out and say boo? Weird question, haha.

What’s your favorite car?


hmmmmm… I dont know much about cars so i guess cobra

whats your favorite yo yo company.


What is your favorite Yoyofactory yoyo?

(Thomas) #5


What is your girlfriends name?



what does your collection consist of and could you post pics

(Joshhh) #7

a BBYY bully, an m1, a dark magic, a legacy, and a boss, and nope i cannot hahaha.

Who’s your favorite yoyo-ist?

(Johnny rocks!!!) #8

yuuki spencer.

who’s your favorite singer.


alexi laiho
what is your favorite sport?

(Mikey) #10

Hard one… Yoyo, (If you qualify it as a sport) and soccer.


^ Forgot to ask a question.

What’s your favorite fruit?


Favorite rapper?


Favorite song?

(Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger) #14

are those real fruit?


Yes they are, lolz

Love and joy-yuki kimura

Favourite string?


I buy like the Yoyofactory Polyester string. It usually comes with a Yoyofactory metal yoyo. But you can also buy it alone.
Your favorite bearing?

(Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger) #17

I like all Terrapin bearings.
Favorite yoyo company?



Favorite player?


umm hard qustion
i will list more than 1
john chow
grant johnson
guy wright
and #1
andre boulay
because of all he has done and he is an awesome player
probaly top 5
not in order :wink:

favorite cartoon show

(Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger) #20

family guy.
Favorite color?