favorite players


What are your favorite players for each style

1A: Guy Wright

2A: Grant Johnson

3A: Kentaro Kimura

4A: Rey Iwakura

5A: Tyler Severance & Juan Renteria

(JM) #2

1A: Ando
2A: Joseph Harris
3A: Kentaro
4A: Narum
5A: JonRob or Tyler



1A: Tough race between Palli and Issac Sams.
2A: Shingy Saito
3A: Kentaro Kimura
4A: Yoshi Mikamoto
5A: Tyler severance or Juan Renteria, tough choice.


1a: Hiroyuki Suzuki/Matuez Gances(think I spelled it wrong).
2a: Adam Dennehey/Dave Geigle.
3a: Kentaro Kimura.
4a: John Narum.
5a: Tyler Severence.
Soloham: Taka.

(Mitch) #5

1A: Augie Fash, Yuuki Spencer
2A: I really like Andos 2A but I’d have to go with Shinji Saito
3A: Mostly because of this years worlds FS… Kentaro Kimura
4A:Rei Iwakura
5A: A Close tie between Augie and Takashi Matsuura

(JonasK) #6

Another one of these? OK:

1a: Mark Montgomery
2a: Shinji Saito
3a: Kentaro Kimura
4a: John Narum
5a: Samm Scott

  1. mickey
  2. john narum
  3. shinji saito
  4. jon rob
  5. kentaro kimura



(JackG) #9

kentaro kimura

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #10

Augie Fash


1A John Ando
2A Shinji Saito
3A Kentaro Kimura
4A John Narum
5A Tyler Severance

YYJ and YYF Rule!


1a:grant j

2a:grant j


4a:idk his name, but he was in '04 worlds

5a; jonrob all the way


bump and great choices guys


new players

1a.Yuuki spencer
2a. Shinji
3a. kentaro
4a. narum
5a. tyler


1A: Augie Fash, John Ando, and Mikhail Tulabut.

2A: Shinji Saito

3A: Kentaro Kimura

4A: John Narum

5A: JonRob, Miggy

Happy Throwing! =]

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #16

Still Augie Fash

(Mitch) #17

1A: Augie still
2A: Still Shinji
3A: Tie between Hank Freeman or Kentaro
4A: John Narum
5A: Either Augie or Nate Sutter, his FS at nats was awesome!


Right now its Paul Han.

I don’t really watch other styles.

(JackG) #19

Samad… for all styles


1a: john ando, andre boulay
2a:hiroyukki suzuki
3a: kimura
4a: rei iwakura
5a: inoue