Favorite plastic yoyo poll


What is your favorite plastic yoyo

Comment below if I missed yours and comment to say what you picked and why


You forgot the YYR New Diffusion.


I would say none of those are my favorite and not all of those are fully plastic and what exactly is “fully plastic” and what material do you consider plastic anyway and run on sentences for days…


I will add that


Rally, followed VERY closely by the Plastic Grind Machine.

  1. Color-Yeti
  2. Black-Yeti
  3. Surge
  4. New Diffusion


How often do you play with plastics


I use my Diffusion for a few minutes most every night.


I love the surge but its so heavy my finger cracks/snaps everytime I throw and it doesnt seem healthy so Diffusion 2 for me.


Yeti for sure :slight_smile:


Since you have some plastic/metal hybrids I think you should add the sOMEThING Addiction. It’s a great plastic as well


I’ve own the Yeti, Rally, Crazy D, and The V. I went with the Crazy D. I even bought 2.


FHZ. You have to love a classic.


I know!! Love my freehand zeros! Getting four more haha.

  1. Fhz
  2. Classic
  3. Yeti
  4. Speedaholic


I just got a mod FHZ from J Rod. So much fun, can’t put it down.


Crucial Milk


Plastic; is the Diffusion 2. Weird plastic; Yeti. Delrin; Crazy D, The V and Zeekio Zenith,




New Diffusion.


Surprised the Severe isn’t on there.