favorite guitar

(tommyfournierrulesalot) #1

every one. i want you to name your favorite guitar. i want to find out whay guitar i want to buy nexy. mine is the classic gretcsh white penguin


G&L, it used to be a side brand by Leo Fender, they where handmade and extremley nice. No longer exist though.



The only guitar I haveis a washburn so I don’t have much experience with guitars (and I rarely ever use it). It looks sorta like this:

You can see parts of it in the background to my videos sometimes.


paul reed smith custom 24 artist package

(Mark) #5

Ibanez S620exfb


Gibson Les Paul Standard.
Fender Telecaster Standard/'72 Deluxe Reissue.


<======= Its in the pic! I would also have to say a Music Man Stingray.

(Q) #8

I like my Epiphone SG G-400. 3 humbuckers, stays tuned well.
Its amazing.
I’ve also looked at the Micheal Kelly Patriot Decree. That is a GREAT guitar

(_|@&lt;06) #9

Fender Stratocaster is my favorite :slight_smile:

(stephen_cameron) #10

BC rich Warlock
Too bad i payed 200$ for it, and NEVER got a lesson…Sadly now it just sits collecting dust
Bummer lol


…You don’t want? I have a few yoyos I’d send your way for it. Lol.

(Btw, Tommy, great choice on the White Penguin. Looove Gretsch. Even the lower end Electromatic line is genius.)


personally i am in love with my gibson les paul studio! it’s the nicest guitar i have ever played and it sounds amazing!!!

(Zer0) #13

right now, any ibanez