Favorite Comedians

(Q) #1

I really like to watch STAND UP comedy, so I want to see who your favorite stand up comedians are.

Mine are
(There is some language in these videos)
Mitch Hedberg RIP:

John Caparulo:


I like Demetri Martin and Greg Geraldo


George Carlin and Lewis Black, hands down!!!


Richard Jeni was my favorite.
You gotta love a guy whose girlfriend gives him an ultimatum to fix a mail box and he says “I’ll shoot myself before I fix any mailbox” and then does.
I’m paraphrasing as I don’t remember the exact wording that was on the radio when it happened, and it doesn’t seem like those facts have been archived for some reason.


Q is my favourite comedian.

<3 :3


Brian Regan, and Dane Cook.

(Q) #7

Give us some videos guys!

And MAx, you are not only my favorite comedian, but my favorite musician to!


I’m not really into Stand Up comedy.

I kind of like comedic music. A favorite is Stephen Lynch.

(Mitch) #9

Oh man, Mitch Hedburg, Lewis Black,

John Penette:

and Nick Swardson is awesome (Warning for language)

(M²) #10

brian regan


This is the cleanest thing I could find. There’s 1 swear towards the end. (Warning for language)
I was hoping to find the one with John Denver singing about killing his family and farting on breakfast. fail.



Jim Gaffigan

Not a comedian, but this is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.



(Thomas) #14

Jeff Dunham. If you don’t know who he is he has puppets.

(yoyo jake) #15

jeff dunham, ron white, larry the cable guy, jeff foxworthy, bob sagat(even though he’s rude)



Brian Regan (been to a concert), Mitch Hedberg, and John Penette.


Oh, and the genuinely funniest female comedian alive today, Maria Bamford.


Russell Peters.


hes my favorite too but i cant post it here or ill get a HUGE language warning


Dane Cook, Gabriel Iglesias, Jeff Dunham, and Lisa Lampanelli. :]