Favorite Bass Player?


Let’s give a big round of aplause to one of the least reconized members of the band (behind the drummer)! Talk about your favs, your least favs, fav bass focus songs, fav songs with cool bass rifs, post videos, discuss, etc!


Hands down the best!!!


That was awesome Mike. You like Les Claypool?


I don’t really have a favorite bass player but if I had to pick some, they would be playing jazz on a stand-up bass. As far as electric bass goes, I really dig this funk work-out by Buddy Hankerson.

This guy is playing out on the sidewalk somewhere! Pretty impressive.

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I met met the Bass Player from Meatloaf Rick Bozzo!

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It’s just not possible to beat Jaco. Not possible.


Can I say tool? I know the guy gets a lot of recognition…but he is pretty dang good.


When it comes to rock bass, there is none other that Jaco. So smooth and insane ;D

But Sheehan is one of the best rock bass players too…

and Geddy


I dig Les’s old songs but a lot of his new stuff in boring

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Les Claypool
Geddy Lee
The guy from Mudvayne
The guy from Tool

That is the list of godmode bassists.


And Stu Hamm!!! ;D


It would be wrong to not mention Paul McCartney in this thread. He did play what is probably the most well known bass line in the world with “Come Together”.


ooh ooh ooh ooh, I came back on the right day!
Les is great and made me the player I am today! Victor’s great and completely rebuilt the way I look at playing slap! Flea sucks and sucks my suck! and that guy from mudvayne pretty cool too. He’s like the bass player from tool, with an effects processor and a less stagnat approach to playing.
but my favorite is still Trevor Dunn from Mr. Bungle.

Paul Mccartney, Billy Sheenan, Geddy Lee, and Jaco are all great too, but I don’t listen to their stuff.
I find it irritating. revolutionionary, but irritating.


I feel the same way, love their style, just can’t stand what they write with the rest of the band.


Like Dream theater. Great muscicians. Up on a level of progressive tech skill I will never be medicated enough to achieve. But every songs like 26 minutes of long, boring with forever sauce. And not like Pink Floyd or Jethro Tull with 26 minutes of epic thick as a brick or One of these days. It sounds like Kansas wrote the score to the Bataan Death March.

On a side note, I can’t believe this hasn’t been posted.


You guys diappoint me.

Have any of you heard the bassist from “Muse”? Pure epicness. Check em’ out.


Yeah, I dig that song, Hysteria, but that singer kills me. Think they would sound better with Mike Patton or maybe that cat from Placebo. Maybe heavier. Dunno. But I feel like that guy they got kills their momentum.


He just doesn’t suit Hysteria. Check out I belong to you by muse. He completely suits that song.


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I gotta agree with Mi.
Elephark is epic.