favorite band/song


come together by the beatles


fave band: Judas Priest

fave song ever: Wasted Years by Iron Maiden
fave Priest song: cant pick one cause they all rawk!!!

(Raphael) #3

Fire on the inside - Pillar

(winterjibber) #4

band: megadeth
song: sad but true by metallica

(Mitch) #5

Band: Thin Lizzy
Song: The Cowboy Song, by Thin Lizzy

(Zer0) #6

band:The Offspring
Song: Nitro, change the world,or have you ever

(JonasK) #7

Favorite band: Flight Of The Conchords

Favorite song: Any song by Flight Of The Conchords


Favorite band: Rise Against
Favorite song: Afterlife (By A7X)
Favorite Rise Against song: Behind Closed Doors or Dancing for Rain

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #9

Not my only faves, but
Top 3 Fave Bands: Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Train / U2
Fave Songs by each band: Over The Hills and Far Away, All You Need Is Love, Drops of Jupiter / Sunday Bloody Sunday