Favorite airline?


Jetblue or Southwest. I will be flying Qantus soon :slight_smile:
DEFINATLY NOT American Airlines, US Air[ways] (US Scare.), or United.

Whats yours?

(SR) #2



Southwest and Virgin America


southwest all day


I dont use airplanes,

I use the IT (south park ep the entity, Mature content)


Southwest. Boo United, I waited like 8 hours once for a flight from them and they delayed it like 5 times.


I have yet to fly southwest :slight_smile:

How are Qantus and Virgin Australia?


Singapore Air, hands down. Took a trip to Thailand a few years ago. Even in coach they had reclining seats, personal movies, wide aisles, walkup snack bar in the back, great food.


southwest ;D


Go Southwest!!!



last year we went to thailand and hands down the best airline I have ever been on is Singapore Airlines and trust me I’ve been on a lot of airlines since I don’t live in the USA and our family come to see relatives every three years


Jetblue FTW!!!


i miss the days when you could trust airlines to not lose your luggage, and to be on time. my favorite airline is either Emirates or Singapore Air. Unfortunately i rarely do any international flying


Yay!!! another singapore air supporter :DDDDD