Fav movies and shows


Whats your favorite movie? Mine is van helsing,hellboy,stand by me,and iron man. Some more movies are pirates of the carribean, the dark knight,throw 2008,house bunny,and my all time favorites are CASINO ROYALE and LORD OF THE RINGS!!! Fav shows? invader zim,simpsons,made,americas best dance crew,so you think you can dance,and samurai jack! Whats yours?


offshore adventures, if there was anythig abut yoyoing it would surely be my fav


Blazing Teens, but I’m sure you wouldnt be entertained by that junk :frowning:

(system) #4

Epic Movie?

(system) #5

“Ang Pagdadalaga Ni Maximo Oliveros”


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Y2czFDObnA (Independent Film)

this is a video about a gay who is inlove in a police…


(JonasK) #6

South Park and Family guys are the best shows. And if I was to pick a movie, it would be Hostel or the Deciever.


What I like Abouth You,Malcom in the middle,Everybody hates Cris,What’s up Dad are the shows.
Man in Black is the movie.


i forgot about what i like about you!

(Emily) #9

my fav. movie is the hannah montana movie! best movie ever!!!


I really liked “Dr. Zhivago” back in the day.


Movie: Jurassic Park 1: seen it 17 times

Series: Malcolm in the Middle: seen all 151 episodes and I have them all