fav movie of the year


i personally liked the a-team and despicable me how bout ur fav movie of this year ,2010 baby! !


I only watched one movie… and that was in 2009, Public Enemies.


Shutter Island, and Death at a Funaral(I know I spelled it wrong).



Shutter Island

(Thomas) #6

The Blind Side.


This year would be the A-Team. :slight_smile: But, I haven’t seen Inception yet.


a-team fo sho


Inception was fantastic. Shutter Island and Inception are the two big ones this year. And both with Dicaprio! Great actor.


the only movies from this year I’ve seen are The Book of Eli and Despicable Me and they were both awesome.


I wanna live like Tony Stark! hence Iron Man 2. D:


Blind Side
Book of Eli

for the future…Tron


i think the movie " vampires suck" about twilight will be a good one.


Holy crap I can’t wait for Tron I’m so excited! I’m still worried as to whether or not they do it justice, either way I’m sure the original wll always be the best.

(SR) #15

Blind Side
Toy Story 3 lol


Avatar and The A-team :smiley:


I saw Inception and it is awesome. It is my 2nd favorite behind Book of Eli. :slight_smile:


Hi everybody,
In this year my favorite movie is A knight and a day.
this is really very good movie.

(_|@<06) #19

Probly Despicable Me and Book of Eli. Both epic.


Hello guys and gals,
In this year my favorite movie is A Knight and Day and Salt.
Both movies are good contains good story .