(Johnny rocks!!!) #1

In order.

  1. Lobster with butter
  2. chicken parm
  3. egg plant parm


Pumpkin Pie
Ice Cream


Fast food hamburgers all the way!

(Weasel) #4

I second that. Here’s my fast food top 3 list

  1. McDonalds (Nothing beats their fries and taste of their burgers, McDonalds has ALWAYS had a certain way of giving their meals a special taste that’s unbeatable)

  2. Burger King

  3. Wendys


Oh, I’m for In-N-Out. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Shrimp yyyuuummm
  2. Lobster
  3. Steak

Gatorade and soda


I also really, really like Panda Express. Nothing beats the taste of their fast Chinese food! :slight_smile:


chocolate milk
chicken fingers
guini pigs :slight_smile: