Fav Breakfast??


Whats your definition of a perfect breakfast???

Mine would have to be two eggs over medium, two white buttered pieces of toast, a couple sausage links, and some hash browns with a big glass of orange juice…YUM ;D


Mine is chicken noodle soup, bacon, toast, and yes, a HUGE glass of orange juice!

(JonasK) #3

Super-Shokm Flakx with several glasses of orange juice. Also a lot of white bread with chocolate.

Addment: WARNING! Super-Shok Flakx contains amounts of sugar tha should not be given to children under 11. This may cause a massive shock to your child and can also cause extreme stomach acid.

Second addment: Recipe for Super-Shok Flax can be found in my signature.

Third addment: And yes big amounts of sugar do cause stomach acid. I have personal problems with that acid. Luckily I have some nice pills against it :).


I eat cereal all day long. Seriously. I go through more boxes of cereal than I do yoyo string weekly.


I was almost sure it would be a super filled burrito.

Mine is 3 based eggs 3 peices of toast ~~ bacon and orange juice. yummmm.

My dad makes that.

(Jeromy K.) #6

I need to start from th bottom and work my way up. First hash browns, chicken fried venison steak, three eggs over easy, sausage gravy then to clean up the mess two slices of toast that is in one big pile and to drink a cup of fresh coffee and a small glass of orange juice. :wink:

(Mikey) #7

same here.


We are now closer friends.

I eat at least 2-3 bowls of Honey Bunches of Oats everyday. I will eat it after a real lunch, then I will eat a small dinner to get more cereal after. Honestly, I cant think of anything else I’d rather eat :smiley:


Mmm… breakfast…

Let’s have some kippers, there’s our start. Now, let’s add some bacon and eggs, black pudding, toaster bread, and some browns. Maybe a little bubble & squeak, even. Hit the tateys with some HP sauce…

…and go to town.

Oh, man. Breakfast time can’t get here quick enough now.


Bread and ham. Thats all i eat for breakfast :frowning:

(J. Lev) #11

Two bowls of Cheerios with Milk, Apple Juice, Banana :slight_smile:

Every morning my whole life.


mine is 3 based eggs with 3-4 white peices of toast, bacon, 1 peice of sausage and a huge glass of orange juice yyyYuuuUUUMMMMM

only had all of that in 1 serving my wwhole life I thought I was goig to go to heaven that day :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(








Breakfast wrap… 3+ eggs scrambled, american cheese, hash brown chopped, lots of bacon, little bit of ketchup, and lots of hot sauce. Roll it up, and smash it in your face…



My faorite breakfast is fruit crepe with side of eggs and homefries with after death hot sauce!


I’m with Runnen, I eat tons of cereal, but my ideal breakfast would be:

Scrambled eggs with melted Velveta cheese cooked into them
Perfectly cooked Honey Maple Bacon
Edys Grands Biscuits (Butter Tastin) w/grape jelly
And Gallon and Gallons of OJ (Pulpless of course)