Fallout 3 players in YYE?


Does anybody here play Fallout 3?

(JM) #2

If by ‘play’ you mean have all DLC, beaten it 6 times, and gave 95% of the achievements then yes. I have played the heck out of it. Great game!


Holy crap. I just started. I’m don’t even have any of the DLCs yet… Fun game eh? I’m leveling up my character and exploring for cities. I’m avoiding the main quest for now because I want to deal with the minor stuff first. Btw, good job JM. You’re my fallout 3 god :wink: :smiley:


DotA only bro!~ :D.
Cheap tayo d2 eh, not all people here can afford consoles like that, right?


Hahah. The only network game I never played in Manila :smiley: