Fake yo-yo trickster keeps getting on TV....


Apologies if anyone has posted this already, but oh boy is this man funny!


wow all i can say is wow
and there has been a thred like this with a diffrent vid


Yeah, there is a 7 page thread on another forum, and I must say… I love it, lol. This guy is hilarious. Props to Zammy for going on a news station to really explain to them what yoyoing is after Kenny.

That being said, he is a fantastic rapper.


i would like to see their faces after mobius

(JosephP) #5

I don’t even know where to start with this guy. He keeps getting on TV he’s not even flippin yoyoing hes just flinging them around and saying that he’s a master yoyoer c’mon a baby can fling the yoyos around like that.

He should just switch to AJs.

EDIT: I bet he couldn’t even throw a sleeper.


wait, what? isnt he just throwing them? arent they not spinning?

(JosephP) #7

No they are not spinning.




Haha! Nice one Manny! Kenny seems like a good laugh…He ought to make an instructional vid for the ‘flying blue angel’!

(M²) #10

i feel sorry for him


I dont think he is for real. It all seems like a wind up. I reckon he is like an American Sacha Baron Cohen.

(M²) #12

Maybe this would be better
As Mr. T would say “I pity da fool!”


Wow, just wow.


Are you implying he should switch to Astrojax because he has no skill or because he just swings things around?

Don’t get me started on how technical jax can get and how most yoyoers are just ignorant of it because they see their toy as supreme.