Lets make a yoyo expert facebook group! :wink:


yeah i agree might be fun!


Sounds good to me!


then wait for what? quickly do it! :smiley: :wink:


Yeah, that’s a pretty good idea. Maybe we could just make one for yoyoers in general. That would be more effective in gathering the crowds.

Stealing from Pheenix, Addment: YYN, YYE, TheYo, and any other yoyo forums are not in a battle for power. It’s like different states: separate but still are friends and combine for bigger things.


There are already plenty of those Brian, take a look! I don’t see anything wrong with a YoYoExpert one to add to the pool ^^


Just remember that Andre own’s that name so you should ask him for permission first. It could be a legal issue. Although I don’t think Andre would go that route. Better safe than sorry.


Lets ask Andre to make it :slight_smile:


[shadow=red,left]who dared to pm andre[/shadow]


lol why not? :wink:

EDIT: I just did it




ooops. we already have one. heres the link:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Amherst-MA/YoYoExpert/40279594847