Even though they were Rivals (Some of them)

They were good friends Off-stage.

Picture no.49

Guess Who is it!


I was really laughing when i saw that pic!

(My mistake, I’m really sorry!, Now modified)


I’m confused. What does that video have to do with Facebook? I also don’t get what was so funny. Oh well.

(SR) #3

Me too… ???


I agree with these guys…


Please keep your post titles relevant to the actual post itself.

(JM) #6

This is one of my favorite posts from you, hint hint.


lol, true. Still, in that post, the person I was talking about was being more demanding about it. I said please :stuck_out_tongue:



I wish I had that many meteors.


Haha ;D


You have one Louise right? :smiley:

Your lucky than me, I only got his Speedmaker, But it really plays great!


Go Go Power Rangers!

(JackG) #11

what the heck


Don’t forget those are 100% PURE GOLD Meteors. Not Gold Plated, pure Gold.


Wouldn’t that be a bit soft? ??? :o

Thats awesome.


you do realize how dense and soft gold is. a solid gold yoyo would be wayyyy too heavy and so soft (softer than aluminum i believe) that the bearing post would probably get bent. those are most definitely gold plated

(JonasK) #15

Gold is super heavy.

VERY low karat is the only possibility.

(JM) #16

Even 10 karat gold is still 40% gold.


I just got told this by Narum :smiley:

He said it was pretty much pure gold, not for playing though, like a collectors iteam.