anyBODY (sorry icthus) here use it? hmmm?

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… lol



And I’m fine with that!

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More the 10% of the worlds population is on Facebook. Someday they are going to take over the world.


I find that impossible, as every friend style site died after a while, like myspace and friendster. Facebook will die eventually, as well.


I honestly don’t care for Facebook. Yeah i have to use it because of insistent relatives, and yoyo stores.
I really think some of the yoyo stores are hurting themselves by using it as their main webstore.
I would much rather visit, shop, and be updated by a normal website.
I don’t believe that anything gets more exposure or business from a facebook page.

Who wants to rely on a FAD page that will die off, eventually?


I use it for keeping updated on,manufacturers but thats it. Not a fan.




I don’t really understand why so many people here seemingly hate it. It’s how I’m keeping in touch with a lot of friends that are moving for college. Even if it most likely will die out eventually, who cares? So use it till it dies out, then go to the next big social media site that emerges.
Using the logic that “I don’t use it because it will just die eventually like myspace did” is essentially the same as saying “I’ll never buy a car because eventually it will stop working.” or “I’ll never buy shoes because eventually they’ll get worn out and be thrown away.”


I use it, and I think it’s a fantastic tool, and a great way for people to see what you are doing without having to type out a boring email to everyone you know.

I get annoyed by layout changes, stupid apps and games, and their privacy rules are a little sketchy, but otherwise it’s great. As long as you don’t fall into the trap of constantly having to update and “like” every comment or status update. I’m also not a fan of stores and such using FB - I don’t like the fact that people use it as a hype machine.

I keep my friends list to people I actually know, and only comment on something if I know some of the background leading to it, or feel I can add to it.


I agree. Though I don’t think it will die off, I do agree it’s a mistake for companies to have their only presence be inside a walled off system.

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I don’t even really need it or want it at the moment.

I don’t really have any friends that are out of my city. Well one of my friends just moved away but he has a phone. I think only one of my relatives use it.


I use it. Seems to be helping business a little bit. Not much, but some.

It’s not great, but hey, I gotta take what I can get.


I do to keep up with friends and certain political activities. It helped me keep in touch with another Photographer who eventually needed help with a gig and got me working with my first Press Pass. That led me back out of a rut and I am back into Photographer mode after getting bored. Also it keeps me up to date on upcoming events and stuff I might want to shoot. Then there is the whole going back to school thing which I am doing at the end of this month. Never to old for that. Plus the info that got me going back to school at 40 y.o. … I found on Facebook…lol. So yea, I will keep using it until the next best thing pops up to replace it.


Don’t care for it. Hardly ever go there. And I really resent companies and clubs that use it as their primary contact point.

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I check mine every day. I think google plus will be the next big thing once facebook dies out.


what exactly makes google + so amazing? people keep on telling me to make one.

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Well I haven’t exactly looked into it but from what I know its like facebook but with a much cleaner fresher look. It’s like comparing yahoo (full of cluttered news and top searches and other stuff you don’t care about) to google(very clean looking and basic)


YUP! I use it, i love it. great way to keep in touch with friends and family


I’m addicted, I facebook almost as much as I yoyo xD