do you have any facebook ???


Yup my name is in my sig


yup I havw one to


add me my FB Is in my sig :wink:

(Raphael) #5

This is in the general yoyo forum, why? Please put stuff like this in the unrelated discussion.

EDIT: THanks Icthus


I have a facebook.
Everybody here knows my name. :smiley:


www.facebook.com/nickpereira add me suckas


Facebook is pretty useless, if you ask me.


Is there a yoyo group on Facebook?


I would have to agree. Problem is some companies and organizations are moving to it as a cheap substitute for a real website or in place of email notices about upcoming activities. CEA is a shining example.


Indeed, even my pastor sometimes communicates with our youth group through Facebook.


http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002292818247 Add me.  :slight_smile: